Matching Bracelets and Earrings added!

Tonight I posted some new items for sale!

Now, the May Flowers necklace and Rose Garden necklace have matching earrings and bracelets. They can be purchased as individual items, or I will offer a discount if someone wants to purchase the entire set or two of the pieces of any collection. Check it out! Tell your friends =)

<3 LDM

How cute is this?

This is a keychain that I'm going to buy from Bittersweet Friends as soon as I have the money!

And we're OFF!

My first 5 necklaces are now for sale on Etsy! Check them out!

Clicking on the pictures below will take you to the shop page for that item!

Another note. . .

I haven't been the most frequent blogger lately (tsk tsk, LDM). But unlike other times of sporadic absence, this isn't due to my neglect of the online blogosphere!

It's actually the opposite! My hyper-excitement to improve the design of my blogs has me spending tons of time learning as much as I can about digital imagery and CSS design.

So, blog, know that you ARE on my mind =)

Today's the day!

So, despite my time-consuming perfectionism, my fear of writing shop announcements and policies, and a STUPID moment where I accidentally, PERMANENTLY deleted my last few weeks of photos, I have overcome all odds...
I just finished listing my first item on Etsy!
Please go check it out and give me some feedback via email( lazydaisymarie at gmail dot com) and let me know how I can improve!

Also, check out the Lazy Daisy Marie shop and let me know what you think! Any advice would only help me do better, so I'll try to be as thick-skinned as possible =)

Thanks for your support!

May Flowers Necklace

Here's a new necklace for you! This is made of coordinated blues, greens, and taupes along with cream-colored cultured pearls. It's made with genuine Swarovski crystals and a pearly painted medallion. And the toggle clasp is adorable too!

Color Wave Blanket

I just finished this pretty afghan that I knit from Lion Brand Homespun Yarn (in color: Tudor)

I knit it in 3 separate panels and then used a mattress stitch to join them together. It's a great size for 2 people to snuggle under =)

This sort of blanket takes quite a while to make, so in terms of selling, I'd be more likely to make one for a custom order rather than just to keep in inventory.

What do you think?

So close!

I expected my jewelry stuff shipment today, but it didn't get here yet =(

Hopefully it will be here tomorrow so I can get those necklaces on Etsy this week!

Can't wait!

More Necklace Sneak Peeks!

Here are preliminary photos of two necklaces I finished tonight! Check them out!

Can't wait!

I'm feeling too antsy to wait to take pictures of the necklaces I finished recently. Here are some preliminary photos for you to get a sneak peek! Don't worry, these aren't my official Etsy shop photos. Those will be more professional.

What do you think of these two? They'll be some of the first things I list for sale as soon as the details are all worked out.

Click on the photos for a full-size view!

Slaving away!

Hi everyone!

I hope 2009 is treating you right!

Last night I finished a necklace that's going to be one of my first listings on Etsy. As soon as the neck bust display I ordered arrives, I'll photograph it as well as whatever else I can finish by then and let you see!

How are you doing?

Garden Bridge

Please forgive the less-than-stellar photography of this painting.

I'm surprised with myself how well this turned out. It was actually only my fifth painting or so. I'd really like to do another one like it to see if I could improve upon it now. What do you think?

P.S. Check back soon! Some jewelry pictures for my first Etsy listings will be showing up soon =)

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