Sunset Silhouette

I'm really proud of this painting. It's beautifully simple. I love the bright colored sunset and the dark shadow in front. What do you think?

Happy New Year!

Thanks for checking out this blog! Check back in 2009, k? =)


This painting was my Christmas gift to nephew M. I wish i could say I had some great reason to give him a painting of cartoon fish, but that wouldn't be very true. I think the fish are cute and this made an appropriate painting to give a 2-year-old boy. =)

What do you think of it?


I can't believe how much money I saved by sticking to making homemade Christmas presents this year!

The drawback is the time it takes. I'm still trying to finish a few gifts for friends!

I'm so excited to finish this stuff so I can focus on Etsy stuff! =)

Bold, Quirky, Cute, and Bubbly

Since this is my first post of actual work I've done, let me go ahead and disclose this fact:

I know that I'm not good at photographing my work yet *end whisper*

This painting is a gift I gave my niece for Christmas. It's much brighter and a little more cartoon-ish with the floral elements than anything I've ever painted before. I was going for a look that matched my niece's current bedding in colors but that could stay in her room for quite some time. Luckily, I can imagine something like this going through teenage years and even into a dorm room.

I think it's important that paintings reflect qualities that resonate with people who will look at them. Now, since my niece is only 3 years old and I didn't ask her what traits she has that could be reflected in a piece of art as a gift for her, I had to go with what I gather from interacting with her. To me, her personality is...

Bold, Quirky, Cute, and Bubbly.

Tell me what you think of this painting and if you think I was able to capture some of those traits in the elements I chose. I'd also love to hear any info via comments/email about what would be helpful information for me to include when I post work like this, keeping in mind that I'm working towards a well-developed Etsy shop. Thanks in advance for any input!

Kick Off!

Hi! Welcome to my new blog!

I'm so excited to get things going with this blog and with my Etsy shop!

Please stop by often to check for updates and help me out by letting your friends know this is where I am! Thanks =)

BTW, this blog template is the result of me spending almost a whole day figuring out how to use GIMP! What do you think?
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