New Creature Creations!

Check out these semi-new additions to my Etsy shop! I'm now spending lots of time on this little amigurumi creatures! Here are their pictures, and if you click them you'll go see their listing pages.

Someone's gotta educate you... That someone. Is me.

The following is the procedure for how to successfully create a delicious yet nutritious PB&J sandwich.

  1. Open the Kitchen Cupboard.
  2. Remove the Creamy peanut butter jar from the cupboard.
  3. Place peanut butter jar on counter.
  4. Close cupboard door to avoid bumping head on dangerous cupboard door corners.
  5. Walk to refrigerator.
  6. Open refrigerator door.
  7. Locate strawberry jam.
  8. Remove strawberry jam from refrigerator.
  9. Close refrigerator door to save energy.
  10. Walk back to counter and place strawberry jam jar on counter.
  11. Remove one sheet of paper towel from paper towel roll and lay flat on counter.
  12. Pick up bread bag and remove twist tie holding bag shut.
  13. Reach in bread bag and take out two slices of bread.
  14. Place slices of bread on top of paper towel.
  15. Open silverware drawer beneath counter and remove a knife
  16. Close silverware drawer
  17. Unscrew peanut butter jar lid, remove, and put lid down on the counter.
  18. Insert knife blade into peanut butter to scoop out a heaping portion of peanut butter.
  19. Smear and spread peanut butter on one side of one slice of bread.
  20. To clean the rest of the peanut butter off of the knife, wipe it on one side of the other slice of bread.
  21. Unscrew strawberry jam jar lid, remove, and put lid down on the counter.
  22. Insert knife blade into jam and scoop out heaping portion of jam. Make sure to use lots to have a good jam to peanut butter ratio.
  23. Smear and spread jam onto the peanutbuttered sides of bread until knife is clean. Carefully lick knife clean if you must.
  24. Put the peanut buttered and jammed sides of the two slices of bread together, pushing lightly.
  25. Cut the sandwich in half down the middle. Diagonally is for grilled cheese sandwiches only.
  26. Walk to sink with knife in hand
  27. Put knife in sink. Walk back to the countertop
  28. replace peanut butter jar lid on peanut butter jar. Screw on tight.
  29. Replace strawberry jam jar lid on strawberry jam jar. Screw on tight.
  30. Return strawberry jam jar to the refrigerator, closing refrigerator tightly.
  31. Return peanut butter jar to the cupboard, closing the cupboard door afterwards.
  32. Carefully wrap paper towel around completed sandwich, and go to your favorite PB&J eating location.

If you're feeling extra bold, skip steps 26, 27, 30, and 31. Add, "32. Hope that someone else will clean up after you"

Graphic Ad Work

Here are a few ads I did for The Nurture Center.

These ads will run in Mothering magazine and Pregnancy & Newborn magazine!

Cell Phone Socks!

Check out this new category of items in the shop! I've been playing with all sorts of yarns and stitches to come up with an iPhone cover for me, and it just so happens I came up with a few to share with the world!Clicking on these photos will take you to the item's Etsy listing page!

New Jewelry Collection: Summer Sun

Check out this new collection! I just finished listing all 3 items over in my Etsy shop! Clicking on the photos will take you to the individual listing.

Recent Illustrator Creations

I wish I could take credit for these ideas, but these are just my results from working through two Adobe Illustrator tutorials.

The tutorial for a cute, happy octopus like this guy can be found here at vectortuts.

And here is the tutorial for this awesome little panda face.


Today, I came across a song in my iPod I used to listen to when I was feeling really pissed off. And thus, here are my top 3 angry songs. I'm not big on screaming or cursing, so I let these people do it for me!

3. "Anxiety" by Black Eyed Peas
2. "Liar, Liar" by the Used
1. "99 Problems" by Jay-Z

(Links will take you to my page where you can listen!)
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