Bold, Quirky, Cute, and Bubbly

Since this is my first post of actual work I've done, let me go ahead and disclose this fact:

I know that I'm not good at photographing my work yet *end whisper*

This painting is a gift I gave my niece for Christmas. It's much brighter and a little more cartoon-ish with the floral elements than anything I've ever painted before. I was going for a look that matched my niece's current bedding in colors but that could stay in her room for quite some time. Luckily, I can imagine something like this going through teenage years and even into a dorm room.

I think it's important that paintings reflect qualities that resonate with people who will look at them. Now, since my niece is only 3 years old and I didn't ask her what traits she has that could be reflected in a piece of art as a gift for her, I had to go with what I gather from interacting with her. To me, her personality is...

Bold, Quirky, Cute, and Bubbly.

Tell me what you think of this painting and if you think I was able to capture some of those traits in the elements I chose. I'd also love to hear any info via comments/email about what would be helpful information for me to include when I post work like this, keeping in mind that I'm working towards a well-developed Etsy shop. Thanks in advance for any input!


  1. Jessica,

    First off, I think it's great that you MADE something for your niece over buying something that wont be used for more than a year and then forgotten. Handmade gifts are the best.

    To be quite honest, I'd have figured she liked flowers and the color pink. I think the colors are good, and you captured the bold and cute aspect. But the quirky and bubbly part - I just don't see. I don't know how you'd go about doing the quirky or bubbly (besides literally painting bubbles) but quirky allows for a lot of interpretation (maybe more eccentric background, I dunno).

    Anywho, that's my take on it. Keep up the good work!


  2. My opinion of the piece may be biased because I think you’re awesome, but I honestly can see the qualities you were attempting to capture within you’re painting. I find the vibrant colors very attractive. Also, I think the colors and quality of the piece will definitely contribute to the longevity of your niece’s use of the item. Essentially, I could see her hanging it through college as well, since the painting reflects a nice balance between the basic tastes of a 3 year old girl to the more refined of a young woman. Great job!

  3. I definitely do see the bold and quirky in the painting more than the other qualities, and as to color I think it would be helpful to show the bedding in the room it had to match - the painting does a fantastic job tying in those colors, so good work there!

  4. Andrew, you're so nice =) Thanks!

    Sister, I was hoping it would match well. I need to see it in the room some time soon to see how well I matched without having the bedding here!

  5. David - I guess what I was thinking was that by adding some things like the swirls and bold outlines made the flower designs a little quirky and deviant from a typical flower painting lol. Oh, and I'm one of those weirdos who thinks quirkyness is way cool. Also, I was going for bubblyness in the way the flowers face forward to keep looking very round, rather than in profile or some other angle. But I need to work on making it more apparent. Thanks for your comment!


Your comments and feedback are greatly appreciated!!

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