This painting was my Christmas gift to nephew M. I wish i could say I had some great reason to give him a painting of cartoon fish, but that wouldn't be very true. I think the fish are cute and this made an appropriate painting to give a 2-year-old boy. =)

What do you think of it?


  1. Love it! I had no idea you were so artsy!

  2. A perfect piece for a young boy's budding curiosity and growing imagination. The colors of the fish contrast exceptionally well the soothing blue background. The painting also reminded me of Marcus Pfister's "The Rainbow Fish", a children's book I loved in elementary school. I’m sure your nephew will enjoy the piece just as much as I was fascinated by cutesy fish as a kid. Again, great job you talented person you :D.

  3. exceptionally well **with** the soothing blue background.


Your comments and feedback are greatly appreciated!!

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