Sunset Silhouette

I'm really proud of this painting. It's beautifully simple. I love the bright colored sunset and the dark shadow in front. What do you think?


  1. Ok fyi, you're really going to get sick of me posting on every one of your paintings, but I feel that it is my duty as an official Lazy Daisy Marie Fanboy to leave the feedback you requested :D.

    Wow is that really a painting? At first glance i thought it was a photograph, it looks so real! Diggin' that sunset. You have the brushing technique down perfectly in order to portray lifelike foliage. Again, great color contrast. Is this one for sale? I would totally buy it =). You really should meet my sister molly, you gals are both big art lovers. I bet you two would get along great!

    I look forward to the next of your world wonders. Great work!


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