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Today I'm featuring an amazing photographer! Bonnie, from Emerald Blue Studio, was kind enough to let me feature her great work and share her talent with you! Her personal philosophies on beauty already have me looking more consciously and carefully at my natural surroundings, and I'm sure they'll do the same for you.

Bonnie describes her process: "I spend a lot of time sitting still in the backyard, with the camera focused on (usually) small insects who seem to be working hard, flying from flower to flower. Sometimes they move so fast I'm not 100% certain if I've captured what I thought I saw, and it's such a thrill to get them onto the computer to see if I did or not."

All of her photographs were taken in the stunningly beautiful Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Bonnie honors the natural beauty she captures as she refrains from digitally altering the images: "What you see is what I saw." This makes her photos all the more stunning, to know the vivid colors and textures were not digitally enhanced, but are pure talent and an eye for beauty.

"I'd never seen a clearwing hummingbird moth before he visited my petunias. I love how his back legs are crossed, looking all relaxed while he's working."

"I also spend time looking at the plants in my container garden -- they change SO fast, even over the course of a day. The cucumber plants and their curly tendrils change the most in a short span of time."

Don't miss this opportunity to check out these fabulous photo prints! You can find them on Bonnie's Etsy shop, or, check out other options at emeraldblue.redbubble.com, and more info on her website at http://www.emeraldbluestudio.com

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  1. How amazing is her work....I love how vivid and just serene they are....beautiful.....and stopping by to say Happy SITS day

  2. Now, that is absolutley beautiful! Thanks so much for supporting me during my 100 Blog Dash across the blogosphere. Hope I didn't sweat too much all over your keyboard! Very cute blog here!

  3. Very nice - very cool photographs.


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