Kids say the Darndest things

**This post is part of my process of moving some of my favorite/important posts from my blog at here so this can be my one and only blog. I hope you get something out of them too!**

**This particular post includes some funny things my niece has said**

11/16/08: Em's subtlety

Em is spending the night tonight. After saying goodnight to grandma and grandpa, she makes sure the last thing she tells them is, "Be careful if you make pancakes!!" Hahaha i'm guessing we already know what's for breakfast tomorrow.

2/16/09: Playability
Grandma: "Hey, Em, I'm going to get dressed and you should too!"
Em: "Why?!"
Grandma: "So we can go to the grocery store! Do you want to go with me in a little bit?"
Em: "Yeah!! But not right now. Right now I'm too playable!"


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