Photoshop Master in Training

Hey hey! Hope you all are having a great, rainy weekend! I'm spending my time indoors, working on things like a fiend! Right now I'm slowly working through what seems like 100 different books on Photoshop CS3! The program has so many features, and I feel like I want to know what all of them do. There's so much information to take in!

That being said, over at Lazy Daisy Marie I have a new banner and avatar up. Let me know what you think of them!

BIG THANK YOUs go out to my friend Theron, for drawing up the sketch, and James, for teaching me how to color it in a not so dweebish way =) If I could soak up the artistic abilities of those two guys, I'd be freaking Picasso. Minus the facial distortion.

Other update: In order to round out my shop a bit, I think I'm going to pause on making more jewelry and try to finish up some of my knit projects I have going on. I want to make sure I don't dig myself too deep of a niche in the jewelry world and have trouble breaking into other sections =)

Keep a lookout for some very cool hand-knit legwarmers, made from silky bamboo yarn. I'm also working on some ideas for customizable keychains (no nail-breaking keyrings), cell phone and laptop covers, and a few things I'm not giving away yet ;)

Enough about me. How are you?!

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