Recession Proof

In the interest of listing more jewelry in different price ranges for those who can't afford the current LDM collection, I've started a project of making jewelry similar to designs I already have listed, but with a few changes that make them cost less.

Changes include using different materials and reducing the complexity of the piece to cut down on production time. I refuse to sacrifice quality, so cheap, plastic junk still will be NOWHERE in my shop =)

I don't plan to only be working on pieces within this project, so you'll also see fun, new things arriving soon! That being said...

I started listing this new line yesterday! For those who love the style of my Ladies' Night collection but can't afford it at the moment, check out Ladies' Night Lite! I used some of my favorite aspects of the Ladies' Night design while cutting cost for the consumer. Look for matching pieces coming up soon!

P.S. Also, you can expect to see a higher-end version of this design coming soon, too! =)

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