Photographers! I need help!

I'm getting frustrated with photographing these lighter color pieces of jewelry. I won't tell you which I've liked/why I'm retaking these. Let me know if you think each one is better on the white or darker background, and if you have any suggestions of anything else to try. Thanks!

First, the Green Aventurine earrings:

Second, the Rose Garden Earrings:


  1. I love the darker background! Shows off your jewelry much better!

  2. I like the aesthetics of the lighter-colored backgrounds. The photographs look really professional, crisp, clear, and vivid.

    The darker background shows the jewelry better, but they don't really have the WOW factor that the lighter pictures have.

    If I was browsing your shop I would definitely be drawn towards the lighter colored pics!

  3. Well I'll just throw my opinion in here and mess you up! Definately the darker background will help show off the jewelry and that is what you want to do but your image needs more contrast for a punchier look. If you are using Photoshop to edit by chance check out Thepioneerwomans site. She has free actions and one is called Boost that will help you photos! Good luck


Your comments and feedback are greatly appreciated!!

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