Oops! I went AWOL!

Alright, so I've officially been neglecting my blog. But it's because I have a few really cool things coming up and a few really cool things that have been going on lately. I'll explain.

First, I did a really cool custom order for Essenza Salon, which was recently opened by Andrea Cabillo, who has been doing my hair for about 6 years! These 6 matching necklaces were for all the stylists there!

On a related note, I had the chance to participate in a really fun photoshoot for Drea's portfolio. It was my first time working with a professional photographer. I uploaded all of the photos onto my Flickr account, and the photos were taken by Jared Teska.

Another reason I've been AWOL is that I'm planning on moving over to a Wordpress blog on my own domain, so I'm working on that design, learning what I need to know, and being a perfectionist of course ;)

Here are a few things coming soon in my Etsy shop. First, adult legwarmers in more colors (pink just went up for sale)! Second, crocheted mini-legwarmers for the new collection, Lazy Daisy Baby. And lastly, Some fun new wire jewelry which should be completed soon. Make sure you're checking back!

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  1. your hair is so pretty! It looks natural. I love it! what is your natural color?


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